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The benefits of PromoNavi
Create more
effective campaigns
Easily analyze &
outrun your competitors
Save time
on daily routine tasks
Avoid wasting your budget
and increase your ROI
Who is PromoNavi for?

PromoNavi for PPC Professionals

See how effective your campaigns are and boost their performance
Automate routine tasks and save time
Reduce your traffic costs and optimize conversion value

PromoNavi for Agencies

Cut misused ad spend and boost your online advertising efficiency
Get a multichannel overview of all of your clients in one place
Help your customers grow with you and increase your ROI

PromoNavi for Marketers

Launch and manage your Google and Facebook Ads from one platform
Get valuable competitive insights to stay up to date in your target market
Optimize your ad spend and uncover your key performance metrics
Discover how our tools can help you
1. Competitor Analysis Tool
1. Competitor Analysis Tool
Uncover competitors' best PPC strategies to optimize digital marketing campaign performance at a local level
Cherry-pick the best keywords and ideas for ads
Subscribe to PPC updates on selected competitors in order to get ahead of the curve on changes in their PPC campaigns
The Power of the
Competitor Analysis Tool
Get Profitable
Scrape Search, Image
& Display Ads
Upload Data to
Google Ads
Subscribe to
Competitor Ad Updates
2. PPC Reporting Tool
2. PPC Reporting Tool
With PromoNavi, you don't need to prepare reports manually anymore.
With just a few clicks, you can schedule weekly and monthly automated PDF reports on your PPC-campaigns. Also, you can directly generate a Google Data Studio report with all key metrics and even more!
The Power of the
PPC Reporting Tool
with All Key
Comparison of
Performance with
The work
performed history
is saved
3. Keyword Planner
3. Keyword Planner &
Campaign Builder
Find tons of new keywords for your Google Ads campaigns. Easily filter them with key metrics and keyword groups.
Build a campaign and upload it directly to Google Ads.
The Power of the Keyword Planner
& Campaign Builder Tools
Quickly find a huge
number of different keywords
Easily filter the
most relevant keywords
Build campaigns and
upload them to Google Ads
4. Alerting Tools
4. Alerting Tools
PromoNavi's alerting tools are designed to assist you in uncovering significant drops and rises in your PPC performance, outline your acceptable metric values, and instantaneously send you notifications if the system detects activities that seem out of the ordinary.
You do not need to delve into automated rules or run scripts - All you need is just one minute of your time to set up the alerts.
Receive notifications to your email address or Telegram account
The Power of the
Alerting Tools

Anomaly Detector

Be informed of significant and sudden drops and rises in your account

Budget Tracker

Stay up to date when your balance is about to exhaust

Balance Checker

Track if your balance is about to exhaust

More Alerts

More handy and useful alerts are coming soon
5. Automated PPC Recommendations
PromoNavi accurately analyzes your campaigns' data 24/7, with the purpose of finding recommendations aimed at preventing budget waste and boosting your ROI.
Increase the effectivity of your budget with the Negative Keywords tool
Maximize effective clicks
with the Add Keywords tool
Find and fix broken links
with auto-detecting
Improve CTR and get more clicks with our Optimize Ads feature
And there are even more
recommendations offered once you join
Stop Ineffective
Keywords Report
Location-based Bid
Adjustment Report
Device Type Bid
Adjustment Report
Conflicting Negative
Keywords Report
6. Analytical Dashboard
6. Analytical Dashboard
Keep track of real-time performance changes in your Google and Microsoft ad campaigns. Monitor key metrics and KPIs across accounts within a single interface and uncover abnormal trends.
Your Conversion Rate drastically dropped? Double-check your campaign settings and website for errors.
See that users 18-24 almost don’t make orders? Disable this segment and save budget.
Getting better ROAS for mobile? Increase your bids for mobiles.
All the data is already loaded and ready-to-use.
Get started right now!
The Power of Analytics Dashboard

Multiple-account view

Analyze your overall PPC performance across accounts


Use filters to show and compare the data you need


Charts, graphs, and widgets make the analysis easier

Performance by goals

See what audience segments converts better
Trusted by More Than 8000 Agencies and Marketers
All Over the World
Discover What Customers Think About PromoNavi
Johannes Kanter
We've been using PromoNavi for some time now and it has become one of our go-to tools when it comes to keyword research and competition analysis.
Vadim Yudin
I found PromoNavi to be a great addition to our PPC tool stack. Its potential truly shines when managing large accounts with many ad groups as it makes it very easy to create relevant ads at scale.
Maciej Siejka
MASSI Sp. z o.o.
A very interesting solution that helps save and reinvest a certain amount of money, which means that I can develop further.
Michal Jaszewski
Media8 Sp. z o.o.
Thanks to PromoNavi tools, it was possible to save a huge amount of time, and the number of clicks increased by 35%, while the budget of the advertising campaign in Google Ads did not increase!
PromoNavi is certified as a Google Premier Partner for more than ten years!
PromoNavi is safe
Linking Google or Facebook accounts to PromoNavi is safe for various reasons:
1. We don’t have access to your clients’ personal data.
2. We aren’t a digital agency and will never provide any actions to acquire your clients for direct cooperation with us.
3. We don’t transfer your or your clients’ data to third-parties.
4. We don’t make any changes to the connected accounts at our discretion — only you can apply recommendations through our platform.
PromoNavi was created in 2008 for SeoPult Ltd clients to help them automate and manage their Google Ads campaigns. In 2017, PromoNavi became a standalone platform and entered the international market. Since that time, it has acquired more than 1200+ users throughout the world.