Online ads automation to grow your business
Is promoting your business time-consuming for you? Do agencies ask too much for their services?
Make use of PromoNavito easily advertise on Google, Microsoft, and social networks
Promonavi Tools
Here is what we can do for you
Valid Google Merchant Product Feed
Fast & Easy set up
Auto synced 24/7
Manually reviewed by our specialists
Unlimited Google Shopping Campaigns
Promote your bestsellers
Promote certain collections
Track results
Google Search Ads and Display Ads Campaigns
Keyword Suggestions
Automated Ads Generation
Best practices Campaign Structure
And that's only a small part of our tools...
Who is PromoNavi for?
PromoNavi is suitable for all advertisers, from business owners who want to promote their websites at a lower cost, to marketers and agencies who strive to save working hours and reach KPIs faster
For eCommerce
Fully automate your Google Shopping, Search, and Display campaigns creation
Feed approval support—we check your product feed before uploading to your Merchant Center
Get insights from the single-screen dashboard on how to improve your campaigns
For marketers
Complete your routine tasks faster and save time
Launch and manage your Google, Microsoft, and Facebook Ads from the single platform
Get valuable competitive insights to stay up-to-date in your target market
For agencies
Searching for new opportunities to grow? Discover our tools or contact us to discuss possibilities
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Why choose us?
End-to-end automation
Our Shopify App is dedicated for business owners who don't know anything about online marketing
Easy and clear for beginners
The UX of PromoNavi is much simpler than Google or Microsoft.
Cheaper than agencies
You don’t need to overpay agencies to promote your business—you can run your ads on your own.
We have specialists with years of experience in online advertising who will be happy to help you launch campaigns.
Discover how PromoNavi tools can help you
Make data-driven decisions
Easy and intuitive dashboards. Keep track of the success of your ads
Automate your reporting
Schedule weekly and monthly automated PDF reports that will keep you up-to-date
About Reporting tool
Receive optimization recommendations
PromoNavi analyzes your campaigns 24/7 and provides you with AI-based recommendations to prevent wasting your ad budget and boost your ROI
What Digital Marketers think about PromoNavi Tools
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