Competitor Analysis Tool
Discover your rivals' marketing secrets
Uncover the best PPC strategies in your niche to stay on top of your competition. Be aware of your competitors' PPC changes to timely adjust your digital marketing strategy
The Complete Competitor Research Available in One-Click
Understand your competitors’
PPC scopes
Find the ways your competitors apply their PPC strategies, dicover how much paid traffic they drive and how many ads they show, and decide whether you need to expand your audience reach.
Tailor winning bidding
and budgeting strategies
Dive into competitors' Auction Insights to compare your performance with competitors and develop effective bidding and budgeting strategy. All the data is visualized on the charts and easy-to-use.
Make your keyword strategies
more precise
Discover competitors' keywords you're missing to increase audience reach and find new keyword ideas. Use Campaign Builder to save time creating campaigns based on collected keywords.
Get ideas for highly converted
ad copies
You can download in XLS all the ad copies (Search, Display, HTML, and Image ads) for any domains. Look through the ad copies to discover your competitors’ USPs and get ideas for your ads as well.
Keep track on your competitors'
PPC changes
Your competitors are likely to shift their strategies over time, and you should be aware of these changes. Subscribe to their updates and you will get notifications as soon as they run new ads or keywords.
Provide your customers
with branded reports
Download a white-labeled PDF copy of competitor analysis. The PDF report contains all the data available in the online version of the report.
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