Powerful Keyword Planner & Campaign Builder
Two-in-one tool that combines long-tail keyword research with an automated campaign builder
Time spent on keyword research: comparison by tool set
Stop wasting your working hours on routine tasks.
Using Regular Tools
7 steps and more than 3 hours
Step 1.
Find & filter long-tail keywords
1 hr
Step 2.
Copy and paste keywords to Excel
10 min
Step 3.
Apply correct match types
20 min
Step 4.
Make campaign structure
1 hr
Step 5.
Add cross-negative keywords
30 min
Step 6.
Import file to Google Ads Editor
10 min
Step 7.
Upload changes to your Google Ads account
1 min
Using PromoNavi
3 steps and only ~21 minutes
Step 1.
Find & filter long-tail keywords
~10 min
Step 2.
Use the integrated campaign builder
to complete:
- Bulk assignment of match types
- Automatic SKAG/STAG creation
- Automated cross-negative keywords
~10 min
Step 3.
Upload changes directly into your Google Ads account
1 min
Just imagine how much time you are spending on your routine tasks. Start using our tools, automate your routine tasks and get the most out of your time
Quickly find a huge number of different keywords
Quickly find
Long-tail phrase-match variations
Related keywords
Google Search autocomplete suggestions
Quickly find
Easily filter the most relevant keywords for your campaign
Easily filter
Data: Trend, Search Volume, CPC, Difficulty
Pre-built keyword groups
Fast filtering actions
Easily filter
Automated Campaign Builder
Automated Campaign builder
Automated SKAG/STAG creator
Keyword wrapping for any match type
Cross-group negative keywords
Publish all changes to Google Ads directly from PromoNavi
Export all data to a CSV file
Automated Campaign builder
PromoNavi Keyword Planner vs Google Keyword Planner
FeatureGoogle Keyword PlannerPromonavi
Phrase match keywords
Related keywords Data
Google Search Autocomplete suggestion keywords
refinement and grouping of Keyword results
Quick data filtering
Automatic Creation of Bulk Ad Groups
SKAG Campaign Builder
STAG Campaign Builder (coming soon)
Keywords match types Bulk Assignment
Auto generating cross-group negative keywords
Upload Created campaign to Google Ads
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