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Build comprehensive, customized reports in minutes.
Send the reports to your clients or analyze online reports yourself to build up your organization's strategy.
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Easily access two types of PPC reports that meet your demands, regardless of your needs
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Looker Studio
A complete dataset for in-depth analysis
Always available online
Interactive and customizable
Real-time data
Filtering options
Analyze data in more than 15 unique pages
Reports Looker Studio
PDF Reports
White labeled
Scheduled & automated
Contains all key metrics & charts
Includes competitor comparison
Includes account work done history
Previous reports remain saved and available for you at any time
Reports GDS Looker Studio Report Features
Perfect Dashboard With All Key Metrics
Dashboard metric - ImpressionDashboard metric - CTR
Conveniently visualized data on key metrics and daily details with an overview of performance compared previous periods.
Impressions, Costs & Click
Conversions & Conversion Costs
Total Costs
Average CTR
Top Campaigns
Dashboard metric - ImpressionDashboard metric - CTR
CPC TrendCTR Trend
Day By Day Dynamic Charts,
Trends & Period Comparison
CPC TrendCTR Trend
Allows you to quickly understand the performance of your main competitors.
Day by day impressions & clicks
Day by day conversions
Day by day trends
Compare current data to previous periods
A total overview of statistics by target group
Total stats - conversionTotal stats - clicks
Discover how different audiences are interacting with your different campaigns
Gender & Age
Geographic location
Keywords & Search Terms Performance
Total stats - conversionTotal stats - clicks
CPC Trend
Sales Funnel & Many More
CPC Trend
Quickly analyze the most important information for you & your clients
Sales funnel
Competitor analysis
Work done history
The most profitable days & hours
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